Pajot vineyard

Domaine de Pajot is located in Gascony, on the hillsides overlooking Eauze, and several generations of the Barreau family has taken part in its history.Damien et Clément Barreau

The Domaine de Pajot was bought in 1973 by Edmond Barreau, a farmer from Normandy with the goal to create a winery in Armagnac ; he gives the management of the domaine to his son Jean. In 1984, Edmond’s grand son Damien takes over the management. Since 2015, his son Clement manages the estate alongside Damien.

The estate is planted with white grapes (Sauvignon, Ugni-blanc, Colombard and Gros-manseng) and red grapes (Merlot, Cabernet Franc and Cabernet Sauvignon ) on typical gascony soils : sands, limestone and alluvium.

This great variety of grapes and soils allows us to work with a vast range of possibilities to create our organic  white, rosé and red wines, as well as our Flocs and Armagnac.