Our Estate is located in the Bas Armagnac, characterized by sandy soils called “sables fauves”.
The main grape variety is Ugni Blanc, famous for the finesse of its eaux-de- vie.
Distillation happens at the end of Autumn, after fermentation and natural decantation of the wine.

The eau-de- vie is then poured in oak pieces of 400 litres which will give it its amber colour and develop with the time a bouquet of subtle aromas: spices, vanilla, prune, tasted bread……

Armagnac domaine pajot blanche

La blanche d’Armagnac

A part of the eau-de- vie is maintained in steel tanks which, after six months maturation will be intended for our Blanc

Le premier âge

Armagnac domaine Pajot premier ageFollowing annual census of our Armagnacs, we taste them to evaluate their maturity.
This is when we bring 2004 & 2009 vintage quality closer to get a subtle blend between aromas of a young eau-de- vie with a few effect from the oak and which gives a slightly note of liquorice.


Vintages and XO

1988 – 1990 – 1992 – 1998 are currently available.
Some Armagnacs deserved to be blended in our XO: blends of several years which the the youngest is more than 10 years old.