• PN

    Pinot Noir

  • BIB Blanc


    Welcome to our Gascony Planet ! Our Bag in Box are drawn by Perry Taylor, our artist anglo-gascon ! White, rosé and red, 3 or 5 liters

  • Le bétoulin domaine pajot

    Le Bétoulin

    « Le Bétoulin » is produced in the same way as our white wines: fruity and refreshing. His name comes from a plot in the estate. To enhance this freshness during winemaking, we frequently pump over under controlled temperature and then make a moderate maceration. This wine is aged in tanks and barrels, with a low,

  • Rosé domaine Pajot

    Le Rosé

    Our rosé is a blend of Merlot & Cabernet Sauvignon from our « Sables Fauves », our typical sandy soils. This wine will go perfectly with your tapas ! Fermentation temperature is controlled to enhance aromatic expression from the grape varieties. After fermentation, “Le Rosé” is aged on its fine lees and then maintained at a low,

  • Le Noisette Domaine Pajot

    Le Noisette

      Gros Manseng is our sweetest grape variety & also the one which we harvest the latest. Off-season is generally very beautiful in Gascogne: this is the “Summer of the St-Martin”. The autumnal sun allows our Gros-Manseng to fully ripen and to gorge themselves in sugar. To keep its sweet character, we stop fermentation,

  • Anima Sana domaine Pajot

    Anima Sana

    This is our frizzante wine, born from a meeting with a German friend who helped me to produce what I always dreamt about… a wine nose, Gascogne aromas, with light bubbles. To produce environmentally friendly products is our ethics. This is why we named our frizzante cuvée: Anima Sana (Sain mind).

  • Les quatre cépages domaine pajot

    Les Quatre Cépages

    Les Quatre Cépages is a white dry, IGP Côtes de Gascogne. In Gascogne, our white grape varieties are: Colombard, Ugni-Blanc, Sauvignon and Gros-Manseng. All these grapes are different but complementary: these are my musketeers !